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What brand is good for drones?

Ten unmanned aerial vehicle brand list, remote control aircraft – Aerial UAVs – civilian UAVs – aerial vehicle brand <2017>
1. Xinjiang DJI
Global unmanned aerial vehicle control and aerial image system pioneer, from multi axis Yuntai to high-definition transmission of one-stop service providers, China’s innovative science and technology model, Shenzhen large Xinjiang Creative Technology Limited
2.Parrot Parrot
Founded in France in 1994, high-tech consumer electronics brand, is committed to creating a / R & D and sales to consumers and professionals of high-tech wireless products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd’s trade
3.AEE Power Technology
Founded in 1999, Guangdong famous trademark, unmanned aircraft system provider, the world’s most difficult to shoot equipment, leading high-tech manufacturers, Shenzhen Power Technology Co., Ltd.
4. degree of zero intelligence control ZEROTECH
UAV aerial leader, intelligent aircraft products and intelligent UAVs overall solutions provider, its dual redundant flight control system reputation, zero intelligence (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
5.. Remote sensing ChinaRS
By the Chinese Academy of Sciences remote sensing and Digital Earth Research Institute holdings, is committed to the development of satellite and remote sensing applications emerging industries emerging high-tech enterprises, Zhongke Remote Sensing Technology Group Limited
6. pole flying XAIRCRAFT
Focus on civil unmanned aircraft and flight control system of the development and manufacture of the aircraft / unmanned multi rotor aircraft / commercial UAV / drones in the famous agricultural plant protection, Guangzhou fly Technology Co. Ltd.
7. easy watt Ewatt
UAV systems professional manufacturers, mainly fixed wing UAV / multi rotor UAV / large load unmanned helicopter and other products, Yi Bai technology shares
Set the model and unmanned vehicle research and development / production / sales and service of high-tech enterprise as a whole, civilian UAV industry pioneer, Shenzhen Aite aviation Polytron Technologies Inc
900 million Airlines Ehang
Provide simple / intelligent / safe / efficient aircraft products and solutions, the early domestic somatosensory control UAV enterprise, Guangzhou billion navigation intelligent technology Co., Ltd.
10. huakeer walkera
Founded in 1994, the consumption level of the UAV industry well-known brands, set the development / production / sales / service for the UAV manufacturing enterprise development, Guangzhou city huakeer Polytron Technologies Inc

UAV brand consumer guide

From gorilla research to photography, to agriculture and military fire, drones are changing our world. The use of drones in photography today is a trend, with the wings of the camera flying, and the pictures that have never been seen before. Or is the use of drones for home field fertilization or pesticide, indescribably easy. Well, what brand is good for UAVs? What brand is good for aerial photography? What areas of distribution are the most popular? Where is the UAV better? What are the brands of UAVs that win the honors of big brands, famous trademarks and provincial famous brands? In order to UAV market to consumers to provide real and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data support, UAV ten brands and brand recommended website for your statistics, for your reference.

What are the air fare standards for UAVs?

The UAV aerial should have what kind of charges, this is indeed a very vague concept, currently on the market for UAV fee is all kinds of, to understand the real charges should also analyze from several aspects to do:
First, choose what brand of UAVs, such as brand drones, aerial prices will definitely be slightly higher, after all, is also a leader in the industry.
The two is to look at the selection of much smaller models, general models cost will be relatively low, large video camera models equipped with the relative is relatively high, just a little better camera to hundreds of thousands, the selection of this type of aerial prices are not low to go there, these are all can understand.
It depends on the charging standard of UAV brand and equipment, the second is some auxiliary, such as operating proficiency, service and so on, the following is based on the standard of several effects of conventional aerial cost summary for reference.
UAV aerial charge standards, mainly need to refer to the following factors:

Where can I get an unmanned license?

AOPA has a list of training organisations on its official website, and there are training models, grades and contacts on the AOPA website.
Three, what types of drones should be tested?
First, determine the type:
There are many types of UAVs, the most common are fixed wing, multi rotor and helicopter.
According to the first to drive models to determine the learning to obtain “license”, which have a fixed wing and helicopter rotor; and mode of operation is similar, but the operation of the helicopter more difficult, so hold unmanned helicopter license or driving multi rotor, holding multi rotor “license” cannot fly the unmanned helicopter.
And then to determine the level of admission:
There are three grades of license plates for drones: the difference between the pilot, the pilot and the instructor.
The driver’s license is the most basic, general driver card enthusiasts obtain enough; and the captain is a higher level, has the right to dispose of, if you want to join the UAV business services, obtain the license will have a better development of the captain. In addition, if you want to be a UAV instructor, you also need to accumulate 100 hours of flight experience as captain.

Does a drone need a driver’s license?

The so-called unmanned license, that is, AOPA driver’s license. AOPA is Chinese aircraft owners and Pilots Association “: according to the China AOPA official website shows, the association was established in August 17, 2004, is a national Chinese civil aviation bureau director of the association, but also international aircraft owners and Pilots Association (IAOPA) member countries, as in the China (including Taiwan, Hongkong, the sole legitimate representative of Macao).
The civil aviation bureau will drone personnel qualification management is vested in the Chinese AOPA, the time is April 2015 30 – April 30, 2018, empty weight management within the range of operation for the horizon of more than 7 kilograms in isolation as well as oth operation of airspace UAV pilot qualification management. Isolation airspace refers to airspace allocated exclusively to the UAV system and avoids collision risk by restricting access to other aircraft. )
China AOPA is not a civil service unit, issued only training certificate, not a license. In the specific period prior to the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, the training certificate is equivalent to the license”
“No rules no Cheng Fangyuan” the Civil Aviation Authority: “civil unmanned aircraft system driver management Interim Provisions” in the following provisions: under the following circumstances, the UAV system responsible for the driver, without license management:
A. unmanned aircraft operated indoors;
B. runs on the line of sight (radius less than 500 meters; the relative height is less than 120 meters) of the mini UAV (empty weight less than 7 kg);
C. drones tested in sparsely populated, open, non populated areas.
The regulations also stipulate that in other cases UAVs must be used as “driver’s licenses””.
In other words: flying out of sight distance (more than 500 meters or more than 120 meters high), or driving empty aircraft weighing more than 7 kg of UAVs, are required AOPA “driver’s license”

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